Ring Guard Cream: Ingredients, Indications, Applications, Side Effects, Caution


  • Paras Pharma


  • Antifungal Cream


  1. Neomycin Sulphate
  2. Miconazole Nitrate
  3. Chlorocresol (As Preservative)


  1. Fungal and bacterial infection (Mixed infection)
  2. Vulvovaginal candidiasis
  3. Vaginal yeast infections
  4. Napkin rash
  5. Paronychia (Nail bed infection)


  • Wash the affected area with luke warm water or with medicated soap or solution then apply locally on the affected area.

Side Effects:

  1. Nausea & Vomiting (if comes contact with tongue)
  2. Itching and swelling on the concern area (Very less & in case of hypersensitivity cases)
  3. Burning sensation.


  1. Avoid eye and mouth contact.
  2. Keep away from children.
  3. Keep avoiding if condition becomes worsen. 


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