Bhuamlaki: Local Names, Ayurvedic View, Chemical Composition, Availability,Doses, Medicinal Use


  • Kasahara, Swashar


  • Euphorbiaceae

Scintific Name: 

  • Phyllanthus urinaria

Local Names:

  1. Bhumyamlaki
  2. Bhudhatri
  3. Tamlaki
  4. Bahupatra
  5. Bhuphala
  6. Bhui Ambla
  7. Bhui Amlaki
  8. Bhui Ambli
  9. Bhyo Ambli


  1. It is a wonder herb found growing as a weed of rainy season in India. The plant is found to grow sufficiently in many states of India such as Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Sikkim and almost in all north eastern states as a weed.
  2. It is also available in America, China, Phillippines, Cuba, Nigeria, Guam, West Africa etc countries.

Ayurvedic view:

  1. Guna: Lagahu, Ruksha
  2. Rasa: Tila, Kasaya, Madhur 
  3. Vipaka; Madhur
  4. Virya: Sheeta

Chemical Composition:

  1. The main alkaloids are in the form of lignins, like Phyllanthin and Hypophyllanthin.
  2. In many parts of the world it is used as a folk medicine as a essential ingredients of many formulations. 

Used Parts:

  1. Root
  2. Leafs
  3. Stem
  4. Fruits
You can say the whole plant is used for medicinal use. 

Medical Use:

  1. It reduces the kapha and pitta associated diseases.
  2. It is used for the treatment of Ulcers. 
  3. It is used for the treatment of skin diseases.
  4. It is indicated for the treatment of liver Dysfunction.
  5. It is indicated for the treatment of Hepatitis.
  6. It is good for the treatment Anorexia and digestive disorders.
  7. It is used as blood purifier.
  8. It is good for the treatment of cough and breathing problems.
  9. It is good for the treatment of diabetes.
  10. It is also useful in typhoid fever.
  11. It is indicated for the treatment of acid peptic disorder.
  12. It is good for the treatment of spleenomegay.
  13. It is good for the treatment of fatty liver.
  14. An infusion of root is a good tonic.  
  15. It is indicated as general tonic for all ages. It improves the digestive capacity.


  • Juice 10 to 20 ml.
  • Churna: 3 to 6 grams.


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