Paurush Jiwan Capsule: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Contraindications, Side Effects


  • Dev Pharmay (P) Ltd.


  • General Tonic


Active herb present in Paurush Jeevan are
  1. Eclipta Alba hassk
  2. Terminalia-arjuna linn
  3. Glycyrrhiza Glabra linn
  4. Syzgium Aromaticum linn
  5. Piper Longum linn
  6. Zingiber-officinal rose
  7. Shilajeet
  8. Plumbago Zeylanica linn
  9. Cuminum-Cyminum linn
  10. Myristica-Fragrans houtt
  11. Holarrhena-Antidysenterica linn
  12. Solanum-Nigrum Linn
  13. Tamarix-TroupiiHole
  14. Asparagus-Adscendens roxb
  15. Mucuna-Prurita hook
  16. Lohbhasma
  17. Bangbhasma
  18. Crocus-Sativus Linn
  19. Withania-Somnifera dunal
  20. Emblica officinalis 
  21. Terminalia-chebula retz


From the name it looks like a product for men only but it is more useful in females.
  1. It is indicated for both man and women who are suffering from feebleness.
  2. It is indicated for those having lean and thin body physique despite of good diet.
  3. It is indicated for those having sever weakness and hollowness around the eyes.
  4. It is indicated for those having dry rough skin.
  5. It is indicated for those having constant weight loss.
  6. It is indicated for those having giddiness along with blur vision.
  7. It is indicated for those women having menstrual disorder like excess bleeding or DUB.
  8. It is also indicated for those having leukemia, backache and gloominess.
  9. It is useful in hepatitis,
  10. It is prescribed in indigestion, stomachache etc.
  11. It is also indicated for stomachache, flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems.
  12. It is also useful in improvement of digestive power and appetite.
  13. It is helpful in growing concentration and reduces the chances of memory loss.


  • 1 capsule thrice daily for 15 days then give a break of 5 days again the start the medicine with 1 capsule twice daily dosing or as described by your physician.


  1. Avoid if you are allergic to the drug or any of the used component.
  2. Avoid if you having history of repeated renal calculi.
  3. Avoid if you are undergoing treatment for obesity management.  


The users often tell us about the dependency on the drug and they fell uneasy if the discontinue this. How ever the composition doesn't have such properties. 


It is a good Herbal tonic but should not be used for a long time.

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  1. Sir 2 saal pahle mai paurush jiwan ka use kiya tha .side effect hua ..aur wajan km ho gya h aur wajn avi v km hota ja rha h plz help