Tablet Fortege: Ingredents, Indications, Dosages, SIde Effects, Contraindications


  • Alarsin


  1. Jeevanti
  2. Kamboji
  3. Kauncha beej
  4. Shuddha Kuchala
  5. Samudra Shokha beej
  6. Vardhara beeja
  7. Aswagandha
  8. Vardhara moola
  9. Lavanga
  10. Pippali
  11. Vacha
  12. Maricha
  13. Shunthi
  14. Chinikabab
  15. Akarkara
  16. Safed Chandana
  17. Jayaphala
  18. Javanti


  1. Indicated for the treatment of male infertility.
  2. It is indicated for the management of Asthenia or  fatigue syndrome (Nervous, muscular, sexual)
  3. It is also indicated for the treatment of oligospermia, poor mortality of sperms.
  4. It is also prescribed for functional impotency.
  5. It used in Female menopause syndrome, frigidity, House wife fatigue  syndrome.


  1. Asthenia 1-2 tablets thrice daily for 4-6 weeks
  2. As Geriatric Tonic 1-2 tablets twice daily
  3. Male functional impotency 2 tablets thrice daily for 6 months
  4. Female menopause syndrome, frigidity, House wife fatigue  2 tablets twice for 16 months.
  5. In male infertility, oligospermia or poor mortality 2 tablets twice for 3-6 months.

Side Effects:

  • No Known side effects.


  • No contraindication mentioned by the manufacturer.


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