Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste: Ingredients, Indications, Applications, Side Effects, Contraindications.


  • Jaikaran 'sHerbals


  1. Tomar
  2. Dalchini
  3. Giloy
  4. Viaviding
  5. Satpodina
  6. Spearmint
  7. Karpur
  8. Sat Ajwayan
  9. Gandhapur
  10. Coriander
  11. Eucalyptus
  12. Lemon
  13. Jyotismati
  14. Neem
  15. Chhoti Ilaichi
  16. Saunf
  17. Kulanjan
  18. Lavanga
  19. Bakul
  20. Ashok


  1. It is indicated for the treatment for dental ache.
  2. It is indicated for the management of  foul smelling of mouth.
  3. It is indicated for the treatment of oral ulcer and gum infections.
  4. It is fluoride free and safe for all ages.


  • Quantity Sufficient Use.

Side Effects:

  1. No known side effects.
  2. Safe in all conditions.


  • Safe for use in all oral conditions. Don't use brush if you having bleeding gums.



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