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Accuamass Weight Gainer Granules: ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Side Effects, Dosages.

Segment:Natural Weight Gainer & General Tonic.Ingredients:KadaliAshwagandhaVatadaShatavariKharjuraGokshuraAmalakiDrakshaRhizome of Varahi Root of Vidari Pipli FruitSeba FruitShunthiMaricha JeerakaElaSarala Heart WoodMushli RootClick to Buy Accumass Weight Gainer
Indications: Though it is marketing under the banner of  Weight gainer but in true sense it is complete natural general tonic the results are mind blowing.It can be taken by the persons having autoimmune diseases.It stimulates the appetite and more hunger for food indirectly became the cause of weight gain.People having the habits of weight lifting and serious body exercise should take this medicine,People with sexual weakness can try this product because it contains number of herbs that strengthens the libido.People with general disability can also take this formulation for faster recovery. Dosages:Accumass Granules Powder: Adult: Two scoops of Granules twice daily with lukw warm  milk.Children: 1 scoops daily with milk..

Safest Sleeping Pills Fof Your Sleeplessness

Insomnia is one of most trending disorder in recent times. It is commonly seen in mid to elderly age groups. Running behind money and fame often causes such disorders on other hand few people suffers from anxiety and social issues. Symptom:Inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length in spite of being tired Difficulty in concentration in any subject Flying thoughts during night Waking again at night Drowsiness at day time Fatigue  at day time Irritable mentality at day hours Addicted to alcohol for sound sleep Addicted to Sleeping pills for sound sleep Addicted to drugs for sound sleep Causes:Mental irritability Social Causes (like fear from terror) Personal Causes (like loss of any thing) Stress Anxiety Depression Serious Illness Mental Disorders Day time long sleeping habits Addicted to TV schedules. Addicted to Social Networks and gadgets (Commonly Smart Phones, Tablets etc.)  Complications:Psychiatrist Problems Obesity Risk of Accident Risk in Driving Poor Immune System Poor Job Perfo…

Charmaroga Taila: Ingredients, Indicaions, Dosages

Manufacturer:Vyas Ingredients:Mahamarichyadhi Oil Neem Oil Chalmogra Oil Coconut Oil Chandana Oil Karpura Oil Kokam Taila Charmaroga Nashak Oil Bakuchi Oil Karanja Oil Indication:Eczema Dermatitis Urticaria Application:Apply Locally To the affected area.

Alargin Tablet: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Manufacturer:Ajmera Ingredients:Sunthi Tejpatra Maricha Pippali Nagakesher Twak Mustha Haritiki Bhibitaki Amlaki Haridra Nishothara Indications:Allergy Inflamation Allergic Dermatitis Acute & Chronic Urticaria Dosages:1-2 tablet twice daily

Aloes Compound: Ingredients, Indication, Dosages

Manufacturer: Alarsin Ingredients:Aloes Hirabola Jeevanti Kambhoji Kasisa Bhasma Manjistha Hurma Indications:Menstrual Disorders Female Infertility Delayed Menarche Amenorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea Dosages:Adult 2 tablets twice/thrice daily Children 1 tab twice daily

5 Best Effective & Safe Oral Medicine for Piles or Haemorrhoids

Before knowing the most effective medicines for Piles or Haemorrhoids, you should know few things about the disease. You should be aware about the symptoms of the  disease so that you can rush to a doctor. Where as the evaluation of causative factors from the causes that ate similar with your life style is very much important.  Haemorrhoids: Haemorrhoids cushions are a part of normal human anatomy. We all have these cushions.  Haemorrhoids cushions are some vascular contents or structures which are helpful is stool movement and evacuation.
But due to some causes they started to increase in size and grows just like grapes in the anal canal and only in such cases they starts some pathology and then only termed as Piles.
They are nothing but varicose rectal veins or obstructed blood flow. When stool starts moving downwards in the presence of Piles then anal pressure forces them to move downwards, and such pressure creates fissure or cut in the folds of their attachment base with …

Amycordial Syrup & Capsules: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Manufacturer: AIMIL Ingredients:Saraca indica Symplocos recemosa Mesua ferrea Leptadenia reticulata Indications:Irregular Menstruation Female Infertility Delayed Menarche Amenorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea Hypermenorrhoea (long term) Unexplained Infertility Pre-menstrual Syndrome Leucorrhoea & Vaginitis Peri-menopause Syndrome Dosages:Syp: 10 ml twice daily Tab: 2 tab twice daily Benefits:Amycordial is an ideally balanced synergism from nature's flora for harmonizing effects to maintain Feminine Health. It not only benefits the female physiology but by improving her entire system, makes her feel better than well.  It contains several phytoconstituents like bioflavonoids, glucosides, tannins, phytosterols & several micronutrients that help restore the hormonal balance, tone the endometrium, improve capillary permeability and improve her health moon after moon! Supplements essential nutrients like iron, calcium etc for her health improvement. Possesses anti-infective and immunomodulatory role, thus p…

Brhami Vati: Ingrdients, Indications, Dosages

Source : Ayurveda Sara Samgraha Vati Prakarana Ingredients:Brahmi Sankhapuspi Maricha Svarna Makshika Bhasma Rasa Sindhur Gava Java Indications:Mastiska Durvallya (Brain Dysfunction or Weakness)  Vismritti (Loss of memory) Anidra (Sleeplessness) Dosages:
1-2 tablet twice daily after food.

Kanaka Taila: Ingredients, Indications, Applications

Source:Bhaishyaja Ratnavali Ingredients:Madhuka Taila Priyangu Manjistha Chandana Utpala Kesara Indications:Mukha Roga Nilika Vyanga Application:Used Externally for Nasya and Abhyanga