Accuamass Weight Gainer Granules: ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Side Effects, Dosages.



  • Natural Weight Gainer & General Tonic.


  1.  Kadali
  2. Ashwagandha 
  3. Vatada 
  4. Shatavari
  5. Kharjura 
  6. Gokshura
  7. Amalaki
  8. Draksha 
  9. Rhizome of Varahi
  10. Root of Vidari
  11. Pipli Fruit 
  12. Seba Fruit
  13. Shunthi
  14. Maricha
  15. Jeeraka
  16.  Ela 
  17. Sarala Heart Wood 
  18. Mushli Root

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  1.  Though it is marketing under the banner of  Weight gainer but in true sense it is complete natural general tonic the results are mind blowing.
  2. It can be taken by the persons having autoimmune diseases. 
  3. It stimulates the appetite and more hunger for food indirectly became the cause of weight gain.
  4. People having the habits of weight lifting and serious body exercise should take this medicine,
  5. People with sexual weakness can try this product because it contains number of herbs that strengthens the libido.
  6. People with general disability can also take this formulation for faster recovery.


Accumass Granules Powder: 
  • Adult: Two scoops of Granules twice daily with lukw warm  milk. 
  • Children: 1 scoops daily with milk..  
Accumass Capsule : 
  • Adult: Two Capsules a day with milk 
  • Children above 6 years of age: One capsule a day with milk.


  • Not suitable for diabetic patients for having more sugar.

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Side Effects:

  • It is a complete herbal preparation and having not chemical or degenerated protein.  Due non presence of commonly used mass gainer chemicals it is 100% safe and having no side effects.

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