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5 ways to boost your child's intelligence from very childhood.

It is a well known fact that first five years of a child’s life is the most important time for boosting up their intelligence level. Actually as a parent you have gifted yours little one a bit of years intelligence genetically. Instead of genes, the environment in which the baby is bringing up and the quality of food and care they are provided often decided their brain power development. You need not to be a genius to make your baby a smarter one. There are some activities which may boost up your baby’s intelligence from the very infant level.
Never interrupt your baby’s sleep: Several studies suggested that rapid growth of a baby’s brain takes place during their sleeping phase. It is also said that one hour of distributed sleep can two co negatives years of baby.
Breastfeeding:Breast feeding improves the brain development in infant. Various researches show that breastfeeding aids brain development to the babies associated with better cognitive outcome in the adolescent and adults. Babi…