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Rudra Rasa : Manufacturer; Ingredients; Indications; Dosages,

Manufacturer:Bajarang Ayurveda Ingredients:Suddha Parada (Purified Mercury)Sudhita Gandhaka (Purified Sulphur)Pippali (Piper longum)Gondchura (Acacia arabica)goumutra (Cow's Urine)Haldi (Curcuma longa)Tandullyak (Amaranthus spinosus)Pan Patra (Piper betle)Punarnava (boerhavia difusa)  Indication: It is used for the treatment of Arbud (Tumors) It is useful for the treatment of Inflamed local lesions.It is useful for the treatment of  cysts. Dosages: 1-2 tab twice daily for 8-12 weeks and depending upon the condition of the patient. Contraindication: Not suitable for the patients with sulfur sensitivity.Not recommended for those having renal function impairment.Should not be consumed by pregnant or lactating mothers. Side Effects: No side effects recorded.People sensitive with sulfur compalins about mild to moderate reactions like, skin rashes, restlessness, breathing difficulty and itching in skin.

Syrup. Neeri KFT Review: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Indications, Precautions, Contraindications.

Manufacturer:Aimil Pharmacuticals Sources:Ayurveda Sara SamgrahaBhava Prakash Segment:Renal Care Ingredients:PunarnavaPanchtrin MoolKasniMakoyaGiloyKamal KakdiPalashpuspaGokshurKamalSirisaLal ChandanHaridraSigruUshiraAnantamoolDhaniyaVarunChaulaiRevand chiniKakri BeejPapita jadPapitaSheetal infusionPineapple JuiceLaukiAmlaSweta ParpatiClick to buy Aimil Neeri KFT
Indications:Used as a protective of renal tissues during the use of nephrotoxic drugs. Used widely in chronic or acute renal failure cases. Used in generalized anasarca.Used in long lasting UTI or CystititsUseful in compromised renal function. Dosages:Adults: 3 tsf thrice dailyChildren (7-12 years) 1 tsf twice dailyChildren (3-6 years) half tsf twice daily Contraindication:No known contraindications.Use carefully when administered in patients with electrolytes imbalance.  Is it safe for patients having diabetic nephropathy ?Click to buy Aimil Neeri KFTIt is purely herbal and made on using sugar free base. So in-spite of …

Most Effective Digestive Enzymes Found in The Indian Market

Digestive disorders is very common problem found in our day to day life. Digestive disorder or insufficiency include many diseases of digestive tract and liver. It also includes the diseases of the duodenum, stomach, biliary tract, gallbladder, small intestine, pancreas, and colon. The most common digestive problems include, hyper acidity, burning chest or GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), Irritable bowel Disease or IBD, Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Excessive flatulence, bloating of stomach, acidic irritation in chest, Sourness of mouth etc. Symptoms: Most common symptoms may include: Diarrhea,Bloating,Stomach pain,Excessive Foul Smelling FlatulenceStomach cramps,ConstipationFullness of abdomen after several hours of prior mealAnorexia Chest ache or burning sensation.Pain abdomen after or before meal. Causes:Intake of excessive acidic substance before food or regular prolongs uses.More and more dependence on tea or coffee and especially in empty stomach.Regular intake of ex…

Aimil Neeri (Syrup/Tablet) : Ingredients, indications, Dosages, Side effects

Manufacturer:Aimil Pharma Segment:Renal Supplement
Ingredients:Sudh Shilajeet Shwet Parpati (A.F.I) Moolishar Sheetal Chini Saindha Namak Sajjikhar And Extracts of: Punernava Panchtrin Mool Ikshu Mool Gokshru Chharilla Varun Chaal Kulatha Pashan Bheed PalashPushp Lajaloomool Makol Kakari Beej Daruharidra Indications:It is useful in Dysuria Acts like a nectar in Burning Micturition Helpful and effective in management of Odema & Generalized Anasarca Most commonly prescribed in Non-Specific U.T.I’s and the result is 
Other Urinary disorders. Dosages:Syrup: Children: 5 ml twice daily. Adults: 10 ml twice/ thrice daily.
Children (6-12 Yrs) 1-2 tab twice daily
Adult: 2-3 tab twice or thrice daily Side Effects:No known side effects. Contraindications:It is a sugar base formulation so not for diabetic patients. 

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