Aimil Neeri (Syrup/Tablet) : Ingredients, indications, Dosages, Side effects


  • Aimil Pharma


  • Renal Supplement


  1. Sudh Shilajeet
  2. Shwet Parpati (A.F.I)
  3. Moolishar
  4. Sheetal Chini
  5. Saindha Namak
  6. Sajjikhar
  7. And Extracts of: Punernava
  8. Panchtrin Mool
  9. Ikshu Mool
  10. Gokshru
  11. Chharilla
  12. Varun Chaal
  13. Kulatha
  14. Pashan Bheed
  15. PalashPushp
  16. Lajaloomool
  17. Makol
  18. Kakari Beej
  19. Daruharidra


  1. It is useful in Dysuria
  2. Acts like a nectar in Burning Micturition
  3. Helpful and effective in management of Odema & Generalized Anasarca
  4. Most commonly prescribed in Non-Specific U.T.I’s and the result is 
    Other Urinary disorders.


Children: 5 ml twice daily.
Adults: 10 ml twice/ thrice daily.
Children (6-12 Yrs) 1-2 tab twice daily
Adult: 2-3 tab twice or thrice daily

Side Effects:

  • No known side effects.


  • It is a sugar base formulation so not for diabetic patients. 

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