Amycordial Syrup : Indications, Ingredients,Dosages, How it works, Contraindication, Side Effects.



  • Aimil Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.


  • Uterine Tonic (Tonic for female reproductive health)


  1. Saraca indica (Asoka)
  2. Mesua ferrea (Nagkesher)
  3. Leptadenia reticulata (jivanti)

How it works ?

  1. Amycordial  regularizes menstrual cycle by providing herbal nutrients and nutritional essentials.
  2. This formulation is an extraordinary mixture of  anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs and that's why it works great in white discharge.
  3. Amycordial actually restore ovarian functions and promotes ovulation,
  4. It plays an excellent role in  fertilization by promoting ovulation and plays promising role in unexplained infertility.
  5. Amycordial normalizes the sex hormone secretions but maintaining a good and sound gynecological condition.
  6. Amycordial used widely for stress related menstrual disturbances, It works great when give with Tab.Menosa for management of post-menopausal syndrome.
  7. It is a mixture of different excellent herbs with great nutritional values, these herbs acts as a  supplement and  revitalizes female body in all phases of life.
  8. It is a  herbal non-hormonal formulation that restores the true balance in sex hormones and keeps the body far from many gynecological conditions.
  9. It makes the uterine atmosphere so good that the chances of recurrent abortion reduces greatly. But should not be used after conception. 
  10. It is widely used in treating menstrual cramps. Due to improvement in the balance of sexual hormones and overall atmosphere of the uterus the cramps generally disappears after use for few cycles.


  1. Irregular Menstruation
  2. Female Infertility
  3. Delayed Menarche
  4. Amenorrhoea or an abnormal absence of menstruation
  5. Dysmenorrhoea or painful menstruation, typically involving abdominal cramps
  6. It works like magic in PCOS. (Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition in which a woman's levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are out of balance. This leads to the growth of ovarian cysts)


  1.  10-15 ml twice/thrice daily for 1-4 months depending upon heath condition and complains.


  1. If you are diabetic then it is not for you. It contains sugar.
  2. If having delayed periods by 2-3 months than it may not suitable for you.

Side Effects:

  • No side effects noted yet. 

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