Kashmarda: Scientific Name, Local Names, Ayurvedic View, Chemical Composition, Dosh Karma,Medicinal Uses,Used Part ,Dosages


  • Sursadhi Gana


  • Leguminosae

Scientific Name;

  • Cassia occidentalis Linn

Local Names:

  • Kashmarda (Sanskrit)
  • Kasari
  • Kosodhi (Hindi)
  • Kesenda (Bengali)
  • Kasbida (Malayalam)
  • Kasongdari (Gujrathi)
  • Peyaberi (Tamil)
  • Kasindh(Telegu)
  • Negro Coffee (English)

Ayurvedic View;

  • Guna : Ruksha, Laghu, Tikshana
  • Rasa : Tikta, Madhur
  • Vipak : Katu
  • Virya : Ushna

Chemical Composition:

  • Presents a quantitative chemical analysis of the anthraquinone compounds found in roots, seeds and leaves

Dosh Karma:

  • It controls the kapha-vataja vayadhi.
  • It is pittasarak
  • It is kusthagna, vishaghana, akshepshamak, vedanasthapan, দীপক and vatanulomak.
  • It is kaphagna and swasahara
  • It's having jwaraghana properties
  • It is also mutral

Medicinal Uses:

  • It is used for the management of pittaja and khapaja diseases.
  • It is good for skin and used in many skin diseases
  • It is useful in treating acne and small boils.
  • It is useful in the treatment of Eczema
  • It is used in epilepsy and memory loss.
  • It is also useful in reduce digestive capacity.
  • It is useful in abdominal disorders and in Constipation
  • It is widely used in hicupp, asthma, and Respiratory tract infections.
  • It is indicated in urinary Tract Infection
  • It is used in syphilis and leprosy.

Used Part :

  • Leaf
  • Seeds
  • Roots

Dosages :

  • Leaf juice : 10-20 ml
  • Seed Powder : 3-6 grams
  • Decoction of Roots; 40-80 ml

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