Kashmarda: Scientific Name, Local Names, Ayurvedic View, Chemical Composition, Dosh Karma,Medicinal Uses,Used Part ,Dosages


  • Sursadhi Gana


  • Leguminosae

Scientific Name;

  • Cassia occidentalis Linn

Local Names:

  1. Kashmarda (Sanskrit)
  2. Kasari
  3. Kosodhi (Hindi)
  4. Kesenda (Bengali)
  5. Kasbida (Malayalam)
  6. Kasongdari (Gujrathi)
  7. Peyaberi (Tamil)
  8. Kasindh(Telegu)
  9. Negro Coffee (English)

Ayurvedic View;

  1. Guna : Ruksha, Laghu, Tikshana
  2. Rasa : Tikta, Madhur
  3. Vipak : Katu
  4. Virya : Ushna

Chemical Composition:

  • Presents a quantitative chemical analysis of the anthraquinone compounds found in roots, seeds and leaves

Dosh Karma:

  1. It controls the kapha-vataja vayadhi.
  2. It is pittasarak
  3. It is kusthagna, vishaghana, akshepshamak, vedanasthapan, দীপক and vatanulomak.
  4. It is kaphagna and swasahara
  5. It's having jwaraghana properties
  6. It is also mutral

Medicinal Uses:

  1. It is used for the management of pittaja and khapaja diseases.
  2. It is good for skin and used in many skin diseases
  3. It is useful in treating acne and small boils.
  4. It is useful in the treatment of Eczema
  5. It is used in epilepsy and memory loss.
  6. It is also useful in reduce digestive capacity.
  7. It is useful in abdominal disorders and in Constipation
  8. It is widely used in hicupp, asthma, and Respiratory tract infections.
  9. It is indicated in urinary Tract Infection
  10. It is used in syphilis and leprosy.

Used Part :

  1. Leaf
  2. Seeds
  3. Roots

Dosages :

  1. Leaf juice : 10-20 ml
  2. Seed Powder : 3-6 grams
  3. Decoction of Roots; 40-80 ml


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