Tablet. Mensta: Ingredients, Idications, Mechanism of Action, Dosages


  • Dabur India Ltd


  1. Ashoka
  2. Dhataki
  3. Rakta Chandana
  4. Ghrita Kumari
  5. Amra
  6. Utpala
  7. Daruharidra
  8. Hing
  9. Haritaki
  10. Trivrit
  11. Upakuncika
  12. Yavani
  13. Sunthi
  14. Musta
  15. Svetajiraka
  16. Vasaka
  17. Pippali
  18. Amlaki
  19. Bhibitaki

Mechanisms of action:

  1. Asoka & Vasaka: Uterine tonic
  2. Sunthi & Mustaka: Anti Inflammatory action
  3. Safed Jeera: phytoestrogenic action
  4. Ajwani & Hing: Styptic and astringent action


  1. It is indicated for the treatment of menstrual disorders
  2. It is a non hormonal menstrual regulator with anti spasmodic activity and it is useful in DUB and dysmenorrhoea.
  3. It is used for painful menstruation complain.
  4. It is also useful for those having the issues of white discharge.


  • One to two tablet twice daily.


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