Dabur Madhurakshak Activ: Ingredients, Indication, Dosages, Properties.


  • Dabur India Ltd
  • Segment:

    • Diabetic Care


    1. Karavallaka (Karela) Dried fruit
    2. Jambu seeds
    3. Amra Seeds
    4. Meshasringi leaves
    all the ingredients are used in equal quantity.


    • Type-ll or Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes.


    • 2 scoops three times 30 minutes before food. {Little bit bitter in taste due to the presence of Karavallaka (Karela)}

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    1. Not recommended in pregnancy.
    2. Not suitable for lactating mothers.
    3. Not suitable for children.
    4. Should not be consumed by anyone, who is hypersensitive to any of these ingredients.
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