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Psoralin Medicated Bathing Bar: Ingredients, Indications,Uses

Manufacturer:Dr. JRK's Research and Pharmaceuticala Pvt. Ltd. Segment:Medicated Bathing Bar Ingredients: 1. Kumari (Aloe Vera): Is a proved moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent and effective for the management of dry skin, dandruff and Psoriasis. It also helps in rejuvenates the skin conditions. 2. Indrajava (Wrightia tinctoria) It is known as excellent anti Psoriatic agent. It controls the excessive proliferation of keratinocytes.
Click to buy Indication:Use full for the management of dandruff.It acts excellent in management seborrheic dermatitis.Used widely for the management psoriasis.It is a medicated soap and can be used in all skin infections.It is highly recommended for the management of dry skin.It is widely used in allergic skin conditions. Application: Use as normal bathing soap in the affected area.  Click to buy

Leucoderma/Vitiligo (Shwitra/Safed Daag/ Sweti Roga): Causes, Affected Sites, Associated Causess & Diseases, Treatment, Life Style change

GlycoDab Tablets: Ingredients, Dosages and Benefits

Manufacturer :Dabur India Ltd Segment:Diabetic CareClick to buy Ingredients:Karavallaka (Karela) Dried fruitJambu seedsAmra SeedsMeshasringi leaves all the ingredients are used in equal quantity.
Indications:Type-ll or Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes. Dosages:2 tab three times 30 minutes before food. Benifits:Click to buy It is completely herbal and having no Side Effects how far it also supports the body due to its special ingredients.
The formulation is also known as AYUSH 82. It is research product of CCRS and ministry of Ayush. The efficacy of these drugs is well tested.  Precautions: Not recommended in pregnancy.Not suitable for lactating mothers.Should not be consumed by anyone, who is hypersensitive to any of these ingredients. Another product from the same manufacturer having similar ingredients and similar efficacy, read more about (click on the link to read)
Madhurakshak Activ   

Calcurid Syrup: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Manufacturer:Kashmir Herbal Remedies Segment:Urinary Support Ingredients:KulathaVarunaPashenbedhGokshurPunarnavaDaruharidraGudduchiAjmodaManjisthaAtibalaKokilakshaApamargaSweta ParpatiSugar Indications:DysureaUrinary tract infectionRenal StonesCystitis Dosages:10 ml thrice daily after food Presentation:100 ml pet bottle200 ml pet bottle

Calferol C Tablet: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Manufacturer:Kashmir Herbal Remedies Segment:General Tonic Ingredients:AmlakiMulethiVidharikandaSonthKasis BhasmaLouha BhasmaMukta Shukti PistiPrabal Pisti Indications:OsteoarthritisOsteoporosisMouth UlcerIron Deficiency or Anemia Dosages:2 tab thrice daily after food Presentation:50/100/500 tablets plastic bottle.

Catramide Eye Drops: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

Manufacturer:Kashmir Herbal Remedies Segment:Eye Care Ingredients:PunarnavaNimbaNirgundiDaruharidraAmalaMadhu Indications:Corneal UlcerCorneal OpacitiesRedness of eyesWatering of eyesEye stainMisty visionConjunctivitis Dosages:One two times daily Presentation:10 ml bottle with inbuilt dropper.

Lippu Ointment: Ingredients, Indications, Application, Contraindications

Manufacturer: Dr. JRK’s SIDDHA RESEARCH AND PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. Segment: Skin Care Ingredients: Pungamia glabraOleum Cocos nuciferaPetroleum jelly Click here to buy Lippu Ointment Indications: An ideal moisturizer.Used for dry skin syndrome or extreme dry skin.Skin allergies,Used to treat cracked soles or planter xerosis.Controls itching, lichenisation (Thickened skin) and dryness.Moisturizes, smoothens and revitalizes the skin.Can also be used in the following cases: Lichen planus,Pruritus,Utricaria,IcthyosisGeriatric skin problems. Application: Apply locally quantity sufficient.Contraindication: No known contraindications.