Psoralin Medicated Bathing Bar: Ingredients, Indications,Uses


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  • Medicated Bathing Bar


1. Kumari (Aloe Vera):

Is a proved moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent and effective for the management of dry skin, dandruff and Psoriasis. It also helps in rejuvenates the skin conditions.

2. Indrajava (Wrightia tinctoria)

It is known as excellent anti Psoriatic agent. It controls the excessive proliferation of keratinocytes.

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  1. Use full for the management of dandruff.
  2. It acts excellent in management seborrheic dermatitis.
  3. Used widely for the management psoriasis.
  4. It is a medicated soap and can be used in all skin infections.
  5. It is highly recommended for the management of dry skin.
  6. It is widely used in allergic skin conditions.


  • Use as normal bathing soap in the affected area. 

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