Bon-Tulshi: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages


  • Arunava Drugs


  • Respiratory Wellness


  1. Ephedra vulgaris
  2. Adhatoda vasika
  3. Ocimum santum
  4. Glycyrrhiza glabra
  5. Solanum xanthacarpum
  6. Zingiber zerumber
  7. Piper longam
  8. Nisadol
  9. Zingiber officinale
  10. Euphorbia nerlifollia
  11. Menthol


  1. Common Cough
  2. Cold
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Tonsillitis
  5. Pharyngitis
  6. Laryngitis


  • 2 tsf teaspoon fuls 3 to 4 times daily.


  • Not suitable for diabetic patients.


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