Sutshekhar Ras (Vrihat): Indications, Ingredients, Dosage, Safety

Reference Text:

Yog Ratnakar/Amlapitta Chikitsa

Main Ingredients:

  1. Ras Sindur,
  2. Shunthi
  3. Shuddh Gairik.


  1. It is indicated in 5 types of Gulma Roga indicated in the classical texts,
  2. It is indicated in Grahani,
  3. It is indicated in Diarrhoea,
  4. It is indicated in Asthma,
  5. It is indicated in Hiccups
  6. Used in different chronic diseases of the body.
  7. It is also indicated in treatment of Hyperacidity & Burning sensation over throat.
  8. It also helps in indigestion. 

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  • One tablet of 100 mg in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.

Dietary Advice:

  • Barley, Wheat, Moong, Old Rice, Honey, Sattu, Bathua, Parwal & Pomegranate.


  • TiI, Urad, Kulethi. Curd, sour substance, fried & spicy food.


  • To be taken under medical supervision only.

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