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The principle of biological individuality is central to Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment. There is an unseen but
well perceived link between mind and body exerting a deep and powerful influence over the body in terms of
health and longevity. Disruption in homeostasis or immune mechanisms, is the primary factor in the etiology of
disease. Mental and emotional factors are critical to the development of these diseases.
Ayurveda has identified the points of connection between mind and body. The specific meeting point
of mind and body, has constellation of unique psychophysiological characteristics that constitute the individual
According to Ayurveda, three irreducible physiological principles called Doshas regulate the different functions
of mind and body. In Sanskrit, the three doshas are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Although the doshas regulate
thousands of separate functions in mind/body system, they are recognised as having three basic functions
Vata dosha represents motion and flow…