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Chitrak Haritaki: Ingredients & Uses

Sources:Bhaishajya RatnavaliNasa Rogadhikar Composition: ChitrakAmlakiGudduchiDashmool KwathHaritakiSharkaraTavkElaTejpatraYavaskharTrikatuMadhu Indications: It is widely recommended in tuberculosisIt is used in chronic cold cough and breathlessness.It is an excellent medicine for intestinal wormsit is used in loss of appetite platinums and indigestion. Dosages:  3-6 gram daily in the morning and evening or as directed by your physician. Cautions & Contraindication:It is not indicated people with diabetes. Diet light and easily digestible food to be taken during this period.Avoid oil red chillies, fried food items during the treatment period.

Drakshavaleha: Ingredients & Uses.

Sources:Vaidyaka Sara Samgraha Ingredients: DrakshaGhnitSharkaraTejpatraJatipatriJatiphalaElaLavangaTvakNagkesarPadma beejKumkumJal Indications:It is an excellent medicine for providing energy and that's why it is used as a general tonic.Release physical and mental weakness and widely used all over India.It stores the strength and stamina the body Android and that's why it is used after prolong disease.Is also recommended in pit disorders like acidity indigestion.It is good for duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer.It is used to treat anaemia and jaundice. Dosages: 2 to 4 teaspoonful that means 10 to 20 gram twice a day as directed by the physician.Diet should be light and easily digestible avoid oil and Red chillies and also fried food items during the treatment.

Kantakaryavaleha/Kantakariavleha: Ingredients & Uses

Sources:Sharangadhar SamhitaMadhyam Kandha Ingredients: KantakariGuduchiChavyaChitrakMustakaKarkata shringiShunthiMarichaPippaliDhanvayasaBharangiRasnaSharkaraShatiTil tailGhritMadhuVanshlochanPippali Indications: It is used for hiccups.It is used in bronchitis, asthma and is useful in breathlessness and other chest disease.It is also used as diuretic in dysuria and dropsy. Dosages:  ½ to 1 graham peaceful full that means 32 season in the morning and in the evening. During the period take light and easily digestible food.