Chitrak Haritaki: Ingredients & Uses


  • Bhaishajya Ratnavali
  • Nasa Rogadhikar

  1. Chitrak
  2. Amlaki
  3. Gudduchi
  4. Dashmool Kwath
  5. Haritaki
  6. Sharkara
  7. Tavk
  8. Ela
  9. Tejpatra
  10. Yavaskhar
  11. Trikatu
  12. Madhu


  1. It is widely recommended in tuberculosis
  2. It is used in chronic cold cough and breathlessness.
  3. It is an excellent medicine for intestinal worms
  4. it is used in loss of appetite platinums and indigestion.


  • 3-6 gram daily in the morning and evening or as directed by your physician.

Cautions & Contraindication:

  • It is not indicated people with diabetes.
  • Diet light and easily digestible food to be taken during this period.
  • Avoid oil red chillies, fried food items during the treatment period.


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