Kantakaryavaleha/Kantakariavleha: Ingredients & Uses


  • Sharangadhar Samhita
  • Madhyam Kandha

  1. Kantakari
  2. Guduchi
  3. Chavya
  4. Chitrak
  5. Mustaka
  6. Karkata shringi
  7. Shunthi
  8. Maricha
  9. Pippali
  10. Dhanvayasa
  11. Bharangi
  12. Rasna
  13. Sharkara
  14. Shati
  15. Til tail
  16. Ghrit
  17. Madhu
  18. Vanshlochan
  19. Pippali


  • It is used for hiccups.
  • It is used in bronchitis, asthma and COPD.
  • it is useful in breathlessness and other chest disease.
  • It is also used as diuretic in dysuria and dropsy.


 ½ to 1 graham peaceful full that means 32 season in the morning and in the evening. During the period take light and easily digestible food.


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