The Cytokine Storm: Proably The Main Cause Of Developing Pneumonia In COVID-19 Patients.

Research is now seeing a link between Covid-19 cases and the youthful immune system of COVID-19 Patients, which may become the problem in some people.
As per few reports there is a link between Covid-19 cases and their immune system and this effect, called the "cytokine storm syndrome" or CSS. The syndrome is where our own immune system doesn't switch off, causing more and more inflammation that can shut down breathing completely.

What is Cytokines ?

  • Cytokines are a type of inflammatory protein used by our immune system. They are a kind of substances, such as interferon, interleukin, and growth factors, which are secreted by certain cells of the immune system and have an effect on other cells.

How in develops Pneumonia In COVID-19 Patients ?

  • When our bodies detect the virus, these cells flood to the affected area to help fight the disease. This causes some local inflammation, which is normal, but in some cases the body goes into overdrive and produces far too much cytokine proteins. This can then cause the body to activate even more immune cells, causing hyperinflammation.
  • If this inflammation doesn't stop, it can fill the lungs with fluid, causing severe breathing difficulties. This then starts off another reaction, where the fluid attracts bacteria and can cause lungs to fill with pus. This can cause pneumonia, which normally means ending up in hospital.
  • This fluid then attracts a feeding frenzy from bacteria that are normally kept in check. These now multiply exponentially, and the lungs fill with pus. This causes pneumonia, requiring urgent hospitalisation. 
  • "A prolonged cytokine storm will eventually shut down breathing completely. The airways get clogged and cells no longer properly absorb oxygen."

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