The topics written on this website are based on various sources like classical books, academic books, medical journals, web-based articles, and mostly my years of experiences. The entire things, which are described here, are just for an information purpose. Author will not be responsible for any complications or any unwanted things due to self-medications. 

10 Things To Remember:

  1. The website is only for you information purpose, not for starting treatment after reading any article.
  2. Before starting any medication, please confirm with your Ayurvedic doctor.
  3. Items described here based on collection and years of experiences and collections from various trust-able sources.
  4. There is no Guarantee that the mentioned formulations or medicines will make you 100% fit or you diseases will be cured with mentioned drugs. Here only the best medicines or drugs of choices for respective diseases are mentioned as a common list.
  5. Medicines given by your doctor may differ with the written articles as line of treatment differs from person to person, doctor to doctor. Here everything’s are described on the basis on the years of experiences, observations, and trusted sources.
  6. I never encourage anyone for self-medication and please you do that for all your beloved ones.
  7. Please never start any medicine without consulting any experienced Ayurvedic doctor.
  8. Please contact your doctor before making any lifestyle changes prior to start medications.
  9. You are always welcome to my website and regarding any, issues just contact me without any hesitation.
  10. Few pictures are taken from the web and from different sources. If you are the authorized copy write holder of any of the used pictures than please just contact me and I will surely put it down.

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