Laghu Muslipak: Ingredients, Indications

Ingredients: MusaliDugdhaGhritaBabbuluCironjniNarikelJatiphalLavangaKesheraNagakesheraJatamansiKapikacchuTejpatraTumburu Indications: It improves sexual drive.It is good for cough and lung disorders.It improves the quality of sperm.It acts as an mode changer for males. Dosages: 6-12 grams twice with milk.

Narasimha Grita Rasayan: Ingredients & Indications

Source:Astanga HridayamUttarsthan Ingredients: GayatriSikhiSimsapaAsanaSivaVellaAksakaAruskaraAyasKshiraBharnga niryasaVaraHaiyangavina Indications:It improves the quality of life and enhances the longevity.It is an excellent Rasayan to boost up immunity. It is used for general weakness. Anupan: It should be taken along with honey or sugar or milk or clod water.

Different Types of medicinal preparations in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda the knowledge of life have described the entire Ayurveda in different segments. Bhaishyaja Kalpana and Rasa Shastra are among them. This two subjects deals with e manufacturing methods and preparations of different herbal, mineral and herbo-mineral drugs. Thus the whole Ayurvedic medicines are classified in different types according to their method of preparation and their nature. Here i am going to tell you about the different categories of ayurvedic medicine: AVALEHA AND PAK:Avaleha or leha is prepared by repeatedly boiling the decoction and extract of a drug and condensing with sugar. The preparation which can be taken by licking is called avaleha.
Example Chavanprash, Vasavaleha etc. BHASMA:Powder of a substance obtained by calcination is called Bhasma. The process of oxidation of the raw materials by heating is regulated scientifically. The raw materials for manufacturing Bhasmas are subjected to test and analysis before processing. The 18 processes in Indian chemistry n…

Agastya Haritakyavaleha: Ingredients, Indications & Dosages;

Ingredients:HaritakiYavaShalaparniPrishnaparniBrihatiKantakariGoukshurBilvaAgnimothaShyonakGambariPatalaChitrakPippali MoolAparmargaShatiKappikachhuShankhapuspiBharangiGajapippaliBalaPushkarmoolGhritaTai OilChinni (Sugar)MadhuPippali Indications: Used as laxativeUsed as expectorant Recommended in TuberculosisUsed in BronchitisUseful in AsthmaUsed widely in breathlessnessGood for hiccupsUseful in pilesUsed to treat pimplesGood for common coldWidely used in premature aging of hairs & wrinkles.It is a Rasayan and it gives body strength & stamina. Dosages: 2-4 teaspoonfull 12-24 grams twice daily Contraindications: TamarindCurd PulsesSour Food Diet: Light & easily digestible food during medications.

Brahama Rasayan: Ingredients, Indications, Doses.

Sources:Charak SamhitaChikitsa Sthan. 1 Ingredients. ShalparaniPrishniparniBrihatiKantakariGokshuraBilvaAgnimanthaShyonakGambhariPatalaPunamavaMudgapamiMashapamiBalaEranda moolJiwakRishabakaMedaJiwantiShatavariIkshu moolDarbhaKasha moolShali moolMandukaparniShankhpushpiPlavaMustakaVidangaAgaruHaridraHaritaki pishti (bharjita)Amalaki pishti (bharjita)SharkaraPippaliChandanYashtimadhuVachaElaNagkesarTvakTil tailSarpiMadhu Indication:It delays aging symptomsIt relieves drowsiness tiredness and give stamina to the is used to improve the concentration memory and physical strength.It is used as a general tonic for all ages. Doses:12-32gram twice a day or as directed by your doctor. during medications light and easily digestible diet should be taken and red chillies and sour food be avoided. Contraindication:Not indicated for people having diabetes and cardiac issues as it contains honey and plenty amount of ghee.

Chitrak Haritaki: Ingredients & Uses

Sources:Bhaishajya RatnavaliNasa Rogadhikar Composition: ChitrakAmlakiGudduchiDashmool KwathHaritakiSharkaraTavkElaTejpatraYavaskharTrikatuMadhu Indications: It is widely recommended in tuberculosisIt is used in chronic cold cough and breathlessness.It is an excellent medicine for intestinal wormsit is used in loss of appetite platinums and indigestion. Dosages:  3-6 gram daily in the morning and evening or as directed by your physician. Cautions & Contraindication:It is not indicated people with diabetes. Diet light and easily digestible food to be taken during this period.Avoid oil red chillies, fried food items during the treatment period.

Drakshavaleha: Ingredients & Uses.

Sources:Vaidyaka Sara Samgraha Ingredients: DrakshaGhnitSharkaraTejpatraJatipatriJatiphalaElaLavangaTvakNagkesarPadma beejKumkumJal Indications:It is an excellent medicine for providing energy and that's why it is used as a general tonic.Release physical and mental weakness and widely used all over India.It stores the strength and stamina the body Android and that's why it is used after prolong disease.Is also recommended in pit disorders like acidity indigestion.It is good for duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer.It is used to treat anaemia and jaundice. Dosages: 2 to 4 teaspoonful that means 10 to 20 gram twice a day as directed by the physician.Diet should be light and easily digestible avoid oil and Red chillies and also fried food items during the treatment.