Neem (Azadirachta indica): Scientific Name, Interesting facts, Used Parts, Medicinal Values & Uses, Preparations

A herb that is using by Indians from there early cavitation started. Very commonly used for skin disorders at home without any prescriptions. However, we can use it for other things too.

Scientific Name

  • Azadirachta indica

Interesting facts

  1. Sanskrit name ‘Nimba’ or ‘Neem’ comes from the term ‘nimbati syasthyamdadati’ means ‘to give good health.
  2. It is a native of India and other surrounding countries.
  3. In India Neem known as “Village Pharmacy”
  4. These trees require a tropical climate and do not grow in cold climates.
  5. Neem trees are used for landscape purposes and cause the soil to become less acidic
  6. It is evergreen but under severe drought, it may shed most or nearly all of its leaves.

Used Parts

  • Almost all the parts of the tree used for medicinal use

Medicinal Values & Uses

  1. Used to treat chickenpox
  2. Used to treat  warts
  3. Used for treating various fungi
  4. Used for treating various bacteria
  5. Twigs of Neem are used in India and Africa as toothbrushes
  6. Used to make toothpastes with Neem extracts as because of anti-bacterial property
  7. Having spermicidal effect so can be use Neem extracts for making contraceptives
  8. Neem produces pain
  9. Neem extracts helps in treating diabetes
  10. Neem extracts also help in treating AIDS
  11. Neem extracts also help in treating Immune compromised persons
  12. Neem extracts also help in treating Cancer
  13. Neem extracts also help in treating Skin rashes
  14. Neem extracts also help in treating Heart Disease
  15. Neem extracts also help in treating Herpes
  16. Neem extracts also help in treating Skin Allergies
  17. Neem extracts also help in treating skin Ulcers
  18. Neem extracts also help in treating acne
  19. Neem extracts also help in treating Psoriasis
  20. Neem extracts also help in treating Intestinal Worms


  1. Cap Neem (Himalaya)
  2. Cap Neem Gaurd (Good-Care, Baidhynath)
  3. Cap AD 21


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